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Ineke Vermeulen from Belgium, based in Munich, has been working first as a developer, portfolio manager and global marketing strategist for over a decade for Siemens and currently Atos, a global IT powerhouse with roots in Europe. 
Since 2013 she has also dedicated herself to inspiring and motivating students to improve their chances in the market, specifically in the areas of marketing, organizational behavior and intercultural communication. 
She's also a distinguished member of Toastmasters, a leading global organization for leadership and communications where she held various offices and now focuses on mentoring people to hone their speaking and leadership skills.
With a few friends and some amateur stand-up artists, she’s also involved in Comedy Club Munich, because humor is a basic human right!
Her specialty is energizing people to perform at their best, whether it is team members on a complex project, students preparing for a successful life or business leaders crafting a motivational keynote.


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Coming from Bruges has left me with the impression that humanity is forever in flow. My experiences both in the States and currently in Germany have only deepened this awareness. We're all expats somewhere and home is sometimes only a moment rather than a place. 
Nevertheless, with the growing pace of globalization, intercultural savvy and awareness of the forces that really drive group and team behavior are becoming increasingly important for any enterprise - whether a one-person business or any large corporation.
This is vastly unexplored territory since we like to collectively take collaboration and communication for granted, especially in environments where everybody seems to speak the same English.
Once you've encountered that this may fast-track you and your clients and employees against an almost invisible wall, you may want to contact me.
Together we can look at how communication, collaboration and globalization can lift you up from the masses.
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